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True Life Story: I Lied To Protect The Ones I Love Because A Confession Will Only Hurt Too Much


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True Life Story: I Lied To Protect The Ones I Love Because A Confession Will Only Hurt Too Much

Hello Lively Stones,

I really love the confession stories series on the blog. (Click here and here to catch up on previous stories on confessions). You see, I know people love to talk and advise when they are not in the shoes of the other person. I want to add my story to this series. I believe in confessing and telling the truth but sometimes, the truth will hurt so bad that you wished you never said anything. This is my story:

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So many years ago, I had this group of friends. We went to Uni together, we somehow became like the hottest and biggest girls on campus. We dated big men in and outside campus, dressed to kill, we were also hot academically sha. This continued even until we left school. One of our friend, lets call her Leti….she used to like to boats alot. Fine, we were high class but she just liked to feel like she was better than everyone else.

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Eventually when we all left school and started getting jobs and getting married….Leti got a job in a very good company, she made us feel like she was doing better than us. Fine, she was earning in dollars but she made sure she was really showing off unnecessarily. One of our friends got married and Leti almost died of envy. So, when she got married, 3 of us were still single. Every day after her marriage, Leti would be talking about her man.

Let would go on and on about her man, my husband bought me this, he did this, and that….bla bla bla….it got to a point, those of us still single loathed her. One time, she started talking about her big her husband’s dck was…how he fcks her until she can’t walk for days. This continued up until I got so upset that I decided to fck this her husband. I wanted to show Leti pepper and also check if she was lying about the size of her husband’s dck.

So I started flirting with the husband any opportunity I had. It was not even so hard, the yeye man caught my signals fast and grabbed me when his wife was not looking. I told him not in their house. I told him to text me a location. He later sent me a hotel location, I met up with him and brov….the guy was not even all that….the dck is a normal dck…I have seen bigger and the f*ck sef was barely there….the guy could barely do 10 mins before he came and wanted to sleep.

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Well, I got my mission fulfilled but the husband no gree….he said he likes me and wanted us to have something special. He gave me money and promised to make it worth my while. Na so affair started o. I found out Leti’s husband was also homos3xual. Sometimes, he invited me for a fck, he would have a guy around too….after we fck….the guy sleeps with him too. It was disgusting at first but who am I to judge….

So every time Let was boasting about her husband, I kept laughing at her inside of me. Eventually, her husband divorced her and she almost gave up. She hid the fact that they were separated for almost 2 years…I knew cos the husband told me but by that time, I was done with the man, I was getting married too…so I left his sorry ass. But two weeks after my wedding, I discovered I was pregnant. It was for Leti’s husband cos me and my husband did not have s3x for 3 months before our wedding cos he was not around.

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When I found out I was pregnant, I tried to abort it but the doctor advised against it cos I am AS, my blood count was very low. So, I took a good look at myself in the mirror…told myself I would let my husband know but I will lie that it was a one night stand. So, I told my husband that I had a one night stand two months before, that I was having a bad day, I was drunk and it happened.

I told my husband that I wanted to abort it but I was advised against it. At this point, I was ready for my husband to end things with me. It was hard and very painful but he asked me to swear that it was a random stranger who is not aware of the existence of the child. I swore it was a random stranger. (dont judge me…I was trying to save face). My husband agreed to take the child as his own…he covered my shame.

I know this sounds awful of me but there is no way I will give my child to a homos3xual as his father. Besides, how do I explain to Leti that I fcked her husband for years?  I have 2 other sons for my husband, we are happy and life is good…I see no reason to confess….how do I even confess this….who will it help to confess….Leti might think its because of me her marriage didn’t work out….my son will get to know his dad is a homo….my husband will hte me for lying….that homo may want to claim his child.

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So tell me, who confession help? I have asked God to forgive me….I was young and stupid and full of jealousy and very materialistic then. Now, I am mature. My son is being raised by a wonderful man who loves him as his own…by break their hearts with the truth? Is this truth not worth taking to the grave?

If you have a different view….go on and share it…maybe it will help someone else…but I sure won’t destroy everything I have, love and family just to confess to someone to make them feel bad and upset against me…I lied to protect my son and to spare Leti more pain. Yes, I made a mistake when I slept with a married man but If you think I am wrong for protecting my child, let me hear what you would have done if you were in my shoes. Thank you.



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  1. Hello this is life and based on choices and decisions i only feel imagin the man didnt have children of his own and he died…..he would move on with a mentality that no child to his name when he actually had one………there are so many what ifs

  2. I made it crystal clear yesterday that we all has bad experiences in our past that is not worthy to be mentioned or confess about. Salvation of Christ have given us a new identity that is restitating a new beginning in our lives. I have no power to judge you as am not worthy either. They is no point confessing the truth to your husband about the identity of the child outside what you told him. As human, we feel sorry for what we did that hurt others indirectly in the process as we should make atonement by confessing & accepting Jesus into your life to reposition into his Glory reign. You really hurt someone you call your friend due to her bragging lifestyle but you had to find peace in Christ and be made whole. God bless you daughter of Zion. Shalom!!!

  3. No talks
    You’ve done what’s best for all
    Do take good care of you and your family
    Your husband is a good man, take care of him and never hurt him… And keep your mouth sealed… I pray nothing ever makes your guy and first son go apart… May the love that binds you all stay strong… Amen

  4. Even if the woman wants to keep it secret till she dies, she should confess for the sake of the child. Every child has the right to know who their real parent is. Denying them of this right is sheer wickedness and this will be the woman’s fault. Imagine when the child wants to get married in the future, what will happen? For the future’s and child’s sake, the woman should confess.

  5. Whether she confesses immediately or not, one thing everyone should know is that truth will eventually be revealed someday. So, why not tell it now? She could keep the matter secret till she dies, but it will be eventually known. My advice is that the woman confesses, not minding whatever comes out of it. If the man is mature, he’ll forgive her and they will move on. People make mistakes and we should not crucify them when they confess.

  6. There are consequences already for every actions don’t hide that fact

    These cases are not procedurally simple we know that

    No hyperbole presented in this bit of advice. It is complicated, and it is an extremely critical issue to resolve properly definitely undisputed

    Remember you sinned against God and man Even after confessing your sins to God you will feel hurt and guilt.

    This is where restitution comes in, no wonder many die of depression and guilt untimely and we all mistook them all for high BP

    Not only should you tell your spouse about your secret

    There’s no guarantee that your spouse won’t leave you, but you can’t have real intimacy as long as you’re keeping secrets. The truth may be painful, but it’s also therapeutic.

    Secrets, on the other hand, are always destructive. There’s a reason the Bible says, “Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed” (James 5:16). It’s the only way to regain balance and prevent further destruction.

    Because whether you like or not one sin will definitely begets another if it wasn’t confessed and restituted properly.

  7. I laugh because I have faced similar situation like this without going into details the woman I am with presently I mean no one else but my belove wife before we got married I made a mess of something I wasn’t proud I consulted someone elderly and she adviced me to open up and to prepare for the worse in which I did.

    I took her on a treat during in that moment I opened up it should have cost me the end of our wedding and marriage to her I was prepared for the worse we separated for while but later reconciled and got married today we are even more better together than even before in terms of trust, value and honesty it’s not easy, it is painful , it will hurt, but it will worth it after holding the guilt for too long I just have to let go today I am a free man.

    Something about confession we don’t know is this God already knows your sins and the blood of Jesus provided forgiveness for our sins, yet you’re still called to confess them.

    Confession isn’t just about listing your sins to God, but more to admit to God where you fell short and work to get your heart back in alignment with Him so you can do better next time.

    It’s accepting God’s mercy and grace through his forgiveness.

    It’s unburdening your heart, releasing the guilt that so often builds up for the sins you’re holding inside.

    Acknowledge you can’t change the past, but instead ask God for help to move forward.

    Your life doesn’t have to be defined by your past. God has bigger plans for your life than that.

    Repentance is a crucial component of confession. It’s not enough to just admit your sin. You also have to make changes to stop sinning and do better.

    So, ask for God’s help. Let him guide you to make the changes that will lead you closer to him.

    Sometimes this is the hardest part, yet God’s love and forgiveness will wash away all the guilt and shame.

    Leave your sins at the foot of the cross and walk away clothed in his love and compassion.

    You can’t cover sin or guilt you will need another sin and guilt to cover the ones you have done before the same with lies and deceit for how long will that be unto what end.

    It’s the truth and nothing but the truth

  8. Dear writer,

    I believe you did what you think is best for your happiness. This isn’t for the happiness of your husband or son.

    The confession you may was needful though wasn’t complete.

    It will be nice that you keep it all as you wish to but in all sincerity, your behaviour was bad and no girl or boy should be this crazy inorder to prove anyone wrong or right.

    I said in the previous stories that we fail to realise that no action is without a reward, outcome and repercussions.

    We bring shame, destructions and punishments to innocent people who come into our lives because if our careless lifestyles.

    We should be careful and think beyond ourselves in this life.


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